Budget price for custom crown:

     Look below for an idea of the cost for custom crown moulding (6 inch projection
and a 6 inch depth) to be manufactured in 7 foot lengths. We are presenting the most common assemblies that are requested by our clients: a plain cornice with no enrichments, a cornice which incorporates one enrichment and a cornice with two enrichments. The set up costs consist of the cost
of a shop drawing (which must be approved prior to our continuing work) and the costs of a model and mould (combined).

Custom 6 inch x 6 inch Cornice Costs

Style                    Shop Drawing                Model                  Mould Cast (per ft)

Plain                          $80.00                         $450.00                          $6.00

1 Enrichment            $120.00                      $1300.00                         $9.00

2 Enrichments          $180.00                      $2400.00                         $11.00

     These are rough examples only because the cost of the model and mould vary
depending on the enrichment incorporated and the amount of original sculpting required. They do, however, identify the costs associated with manufacturing a custom design.

     Just as important are the costs saved during installation. Installing just
one six foot length incorporating several enrichments is far easier and faster than installing the 3, 4, or 5 individual lengths required in the traditional run and plant methods of plaster work or in the use of wood elements.

     For more accurate estimate for your custom design, please fax/e-mail as many details as possible, along with quantities required and a location of the site. Please specify if you require our installation services.


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