Questions and Answers

     Q. Why choose Plaster or Gypsum Moulding over Polyurethane or Wood           products?

     A. Polyurethane and Wood products shrink and expand due to changes in           temperature and humidity. Polyurethane mouldings will also shrink over time           "age shrink".

     Polyurethane mouldings reaction to fire.


     Q. Can any of the materials be used for exterior application?

     A. No. Dreamsworth Casting products are for interior use only.

     Q. Can any of the products be used for structural applications?

     A. No. Dreamsworth Casting products are for decorative applications only.

     Q. Will I see any color variances between parts if I order Stonecast finishes?

     A. Yes. Stonecast will have color, shading and texture variances within and           between individual pieces.

     Q. Do you install?

     A. Yes. Dreamsworth Casting will install any product ordered.

     Q. Do you make custom parts?

     A. Yes. Dreamsworth Casting can usually make it if you can draw it.

     Q. What are the terms of payment?

     A. A down payment will be required and other terms will be shown on our           quotation.

     Q. What warranty does Dreamsworth Casting offer?

     A. Dreamsworth Casting offers a standard one (1) year warranty for all of our           products.

     Q. How do I budget for my custom crown project?

      A. Pricing will vary with every project, rough example of budgeting pricing is            available on the CUSTOM page.


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